Living With Clogged Drains Isn't Easy

Blast tough clogs away with hydro-jetting services based in Roseburg, Coos Bay & Cottage Grove, OR

Do your drains back up more frequently these days? Rather than try ineffective DIY cleaning methods, turn to The Go 2 Guy Waste Water Specialist. We offer our clogged drain cleaning services to homes and businesses in Roseburg, OR and all of Douglas County, OR. We'll start with an inspection to determine the severity of the clog. Depending on your need, we'll use a drain cleaning machine or a hydro-jetting device to eliminate even the toughest clogs.

Keep your pipes free and clear. Call 541-733-0105 to schedule cleaning services.

3 reasons to get a professional drain cleaning

3 reasons to get a professional drain cleaning

When you choose The Go 2 Guy Waste Water Specialist, you won't have to worry about us trying to upsell you on unnecessary services. We simply provide reliable advice on clogged drain cleaning and hydro-jetting services for their drains. Our clearing methods will:

  • Eliminate clogs that cause slow drains
  • Take care of foul odors
  • Reduce the risk of bacteria growth

Take care of irritating drain clogs once and for all. Contact us today for more information.